Accounting & Tax Services

  • As your trusted CPA, our office works with you to plan for your federal and state income tax liabilities.  We are available to meet with you throughout the year to discuss the impact that every day business decisions (asset purchases, trade-ins, debt management, business expansion, etc.) can have on your income tax position.

    At year end, we will prepare the federal and the appropriate state income tax returns for the following entity types:

    • C Corporation
    • S Corporation
    • Partnership, including LLCs and LLPs
    • Not-For-Profit
    • Sole-Proprietorship

    Additional services, including the annual preparation of Form 1099s and personal property tax returns, are also available.

  • We are happy to assist you with the preparation and filing of your federal and state income tax returns, and will work with you to identify and implement tax strategies that will help save you tax dollars – both at the federal and state levels. 

    The majority of our clients live or work in three states – Indiana, Michigan and Illinois.  As a result, we are very familiar with these states’ filing requirements.  We also continue to serve many of our clients after they move away from the Michiana area.  We currently prepare state income tax returns for clients in virtually every state in the country.

  • Successful companies recognize that long-term growth requires the quality services that a professional Controller/Accounting Department provides.  However, small and medium sized businesses often cannot afford a controller on a full-time basis.

    Our firm offers on-your-site “Controller Services” that can spare you the cost of a full-time controller/bookkeeper.  We work closely with business owners to perform the company’s internal accounting functions.  This allows you to better understand your business finances and cash flow during the year so decisions can be made with timely information.

  • Banks and other outside agencies or investors may require that you present monthly, quarterly or annual financial statements.  Our office can prepare “Compiled” or “Reviewed” statements so that you can fulfill your financial reporting requirements.

    As important, we can teach you how to use these financial statements to increase the efficiency and profitability of your business.

  • In addition to preparing estate, gift and trust tax forms, we can assist you with the planning that is necessary to help preserve your assets for your family.  Effective estate planning allows for the orderly transfer of assets to your beneficiaries.  Working with your “management team” ensures the best possible results for your spouse and family.

    You earned it.  We want to help you and your family keep it!

  • We can prepare or help you prepare the personal property tax return(s) for your business.  In Indiana, any sole proprietorship, partnership, association, corporation, or fiduciary owning, holding, possessing or controlling tangible personal property located within the state as of January 1 of any year, is required to file a personal property tax return by May 15 of that year.

    Michigan also requires the filing of a personal property tax return for tangible personal property, owned or leased, that is located within the State of Michigan as of December 31.  The Michigan return is due the following February 20th.

  • For existing individual and business clients we now offer notary services.  Call our office for an appointment and fee schedule 574-232-9973.

Consulting Services

  • Choosing to start a business is a big step!  Choosing the correct way to structure your business when you first get started will have a significant impact on how you operate and how you will pay tax at the end of the year.

    However, as your business grows, your business structure may need to change to accommodate that growth.  Please call our office to discuss whether operating as a Sole Proprietor, an LLC, an S Corporation, partnership or C Corporation makes the most sense for you.

  • We encourage our clients to build a strong financial team that works together to achieve your personal and business goals.  As your Certified Public Accountant, we want to be a trusted member of your “management team”.

    We work with your bank, your investment/retirement planner, your business partners, your attorney and your insurance agent.  Our goal is to help you make the most informed decisions with respect to financing asset purchases, business expansion, investment planning, debt management, cash flow and cost controls, succession planning, saving for college, retirement, etc.

  • Our office provides comprehensive accounting, tax and consulting services to business owners looking to expand or possibly sell their business.  Our professionals are well acquainted with the regional business climate; a knowledge obtained through our 60+ years of experience working in the Michiana area, and our continued memberships in area civic organizations, such as the South Bend Regional Chamber.

  • Are you considering selling your business?  Is your buyer a family member?  A loyal employee?  Maybe you just want to retire or your health has made selling a necessity?  We can help you structure the sale in a tax advantaged manner to benefit your long term goals.

Accounting Software

  • Proper setup of your accounting software, coupled with strong data entry fundamentals, is essential for any business.  However, many small businesses cannot afford a dedicated “Accounting Department”.  We can help!

    Our trained professionals, including certified QuickBooks® Pro-Advisors, will help you customize your software to ensure the data you need is available and correct.  We start by setting up the chart of accounts in your software program, and teach you how to use the software.  From there, we assist you with printing, reading and interpreting the financial information you have created so that you can make appropriate and timely business decisions.

    As a convenience to you and your staff, we can provide this service at your office. 

  • Upon request, we provide our clients with ongoing software support (weekly, monthly or quarterly basis).  Our professionals meet with your staff to review data input, assist with confusing or unusual transactions, reconcile bank accounts, analyze the accuracy of the balance sheet and profit and loss, address any errors, and help ready reports for management.

    As a convenience to you and your staff, we can provide this service at your office.